Our universities may be the pride of the world. But we’re pretty typical when it comes to graduating kids from them.

Postsecondary graduation rates (international)

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First of all: a tip of the hat to our Chilean and Argentine brethren, who put in long hours, too.

But second: would you believe that American teachers put in some of the longest hours in the world? Call it “hardworking,” call it “overworked,” call it “American,” call it whatever you want. But numbers, like hips, don’t lie.

Workload (international)

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Graduation rates are on the uptick. That’s a good thing. But we’re still lagging behind other countries:

High school graduation rates (international)

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Even though the schoolday hasn’t gotten any longer in the last half-century, the teacher’s work-week has. Their current 50-plus-hour week is the longest on record.

How many hours do you work per week - over time (revised)

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Since 1980, enrollment rates are up for teenagers of all races. But the improvement among Hispanics is especially encouraging.

16- and 17-year-old enrollment (since 1980)

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We’ve looked before at national trends. But what about a specific city? One that lends its name to a great Sufjan Stevens song? Like, say, Chicago?

Chicago teachers' starting salary - over time

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Compared with private-school teachers, anyway. Obviously no jawdropping surprises here, but still, these graphs are pretty stark:

Public v. Private - serious problems, elementary (color)

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Fifty years ago, the Bachelor’s was pretty standard for teachers. True, 1 in 4 went on to get a Master’s. But 1 in 6 didn’t even make it to a B.A.

Degree attainment - over time (revised)

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Back in 1980, women outnumbered men in undergraduate programs, while men predominated in graduate degrees. But the times, they are a’changin’. And the men, they are a’slippin’.

men in higher education

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Class sizes - over time (revised)

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